Diamond: JY Lee (December 2022)

JY Lee

Dec 2022

🥂🥂 祝贺 M100 的卓越顾问 JY Lee 取得的巨大成就! 恭喜 JY Lee 在 FY 22/23 获得 💎💎 钻石 Diamond💎💎 的荣誉

关于 JY Lee

Mortgage Consultant

拥有接近 10 年的金融专业经验, 深悉各個銀行的流程 已成功协助超过 3,000 位顾客完成房屋贷款申请


个人荣誉包括:连续 6 屆百万圆桌会员,无數次海外旅游奖得主等奖项

With nearly 10 years of experience in finance, familiar with the protocol of each bank and has assisted more than 3,000 customers in completing mortgage applications.

Personal expertise include: Mortgage, Refinancing, Property Valuation, Will Planning & Insurance Planning.

Personal Achievements includes: 6-time MDRT member, multiple winners of the company's overseas travel awards, and more.

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