Qiu Yin

Qiu Yin

Mortgage Consultant

我们的专业是帮助客户了解和选择适合他们需求的各种房屋贷款产品和保险产品。 不仅如此,我们提供审查贷款申请,并评估客户的信用状况和收入情况。 与客户保持联系,确保贷款申请进展顺利,并提供必要的支持和帮助。 与房屋贷款的所有相关方合作,如银行,房地产经纪人和评估师,确保交易完成。

We help clients understand and choose from a variety of mortgage products that suited their needs. In addition, we review loan applications and assess clients’ creditworthiness and income. We also maintain contact with clients to ensure smooth loan application process and provide necessary support and assistance.


Jun 2022

热烈祝贺 QIU YIN 在 6 月摘下 黄金 GOLD

May 2022

热烈祝贺 QIU YIN 在5月份摘下黄金 Gold  的荣誉!

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